by Williams Studio are hand formed with carved rims. Depending on the glaze you
choose the sinks are glazed and fired at 2400 degrees Fahrenheit in a reduction
atmosphere, or 2280 degrees Fahrenheit in an oxidation atmosphere. Strength and durability are comparable to vitreous china and exceed industry standards for bath and powder rooms.

Materials are a precise blend of local clays with Kaolin, Ball Clay, and Feldspar that ensure a clay body of maximum strength, durability and glaze fit. Our association with Summit Brick allows us to utilize technical advances to produce the highest quality clay. All sinks are
guaranteed to be free of defects. Easy installation.

Each sink is uniquely designed by Artists at Williams Studio, bringing our 35 years of experience to each piece. These sinks are designed to mount above counter. Choice of either a 3½" or 6½" above counter models, with either 16½" or 18½" diameter. Please contact us for glaze samples and prices.